The Dating Spectrum

An Inclusive Approach

Learning can be accessed via workshops, ongoing groups, or a dating group series. 

Topics covered include but are not limited to: 

•    Feelings and emotions

•    Types of relationships 

•    First impressions

•    Types of dates / planning dates and activities / cost of dates

•    Boundaries – Personal safety

•    Public and private displays of affection

•    Communication

•    Non-Verbal social cues

•    Dating Manners

•    Conflict resolution

•    Breaking up

•    Maintaining relationships

Coaching can be done either individually or as part of our ongoing groups.  A coach will coach the individual(s) in relation to the relationship.


A dating/relationship coach will help the client: 

•    Assess areas of need and set reasonable goals

•    Identify and get clarity on components of their ideal relationship

•    Identify values that are important in their relationships

•    Support learning in the areas the client identifies

•    Help the client reflect on dating experiences for learning and growth

•    Give suggestions with permission from the client

•    Help the client move past blocks that are in the way of achieving their goals


A dating/relationship coach will not:

•    Tell a client who to date, where to go or what to do on a date

•    Make decisions for the client on actions and relationship elements

•    Impose their idea of a relationship on the client

•    Coach the relationship itself

Interaction opportunities includes activities and opportunities for individuals to meet others and practice the skills they are learning.  

Speed Dating           Meet-ups           Social Events  

Interested? Please complete our Intake Form as best you can.  This Intake Form  is confidential and seen only by the Group Facilitator and Program Director in order to best meet your needs and facilitate your Intake process. 

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