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Who We Are

Through our unique blend of individual and group programs, our goal is to foster individuals' social, emotional, behavioral, communicative, and learning potential by implementing research-based intervention techniques. 

     Since 1996, Education Spectrum has been developing and providing effective and targeted services for individuals with ASD to effect positive growth in their lives. For over 20 years, Education Spectrum has provided quality services to children, adolescents, their families, educators and professionals. Through our unique blend of individual, family and group programs, our goal is to foster their social, emotional, behavioral, communicative and learning potential by implementing specifically tailored intervention techniques. We believe that individuals with autism spectrum disorders make the most progress when approached with respect, compassion and a true understanding of their needs.

Meet Our Staff

Executive Team

Diane had over 50 years experience both in the classroom and Executive Administration.  Diane was awarded a Lifetime Credential in Special Education.  As a co-founder of the organization, Diane brought a a wealth of experience and direction to the staff at Education Spectrum. After overseeing its operation and countless hours meeting with families, Diane retired in February, 2020.  

Kathy has worked extensively with individuals with autism for 30 years. She holds three teaching credentials and a Master’s Degree in human development. Her thesis was a case study on effective school based intervention for an individual with high functioning autism. She is also a Board Certified Education Therapist. Kathy’s expertise includes training and consultation services to school districts to develop effective programs for individuals with ASD and related disorders. When Functional Behavior Analysis or a specific behavior plan is needed, Kathy is frequently called in by both school districts as well as parents.

Kathy also facilitates groups at Education Spectrum and conducts training for parents and educators.

Nathan joined Education Spectrum in 2000 and brought more than 25 years experience as a Special Education Teacher and Resource Specialist.  Nathan holds both a BS in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Special Education.  He held the position of Program Director for many years and was recently promoted to Executive Director. In addition to the many administrative duties, Nathan works hands-on with many groups and clients.

Diane Howard

Executive Director Emeritus

Kathy Hollimon

Director of Training and Consultation


Nathan Roetther

Executive Director

Debbie joined Education Spectrum in 2001, and she is the first contact when families are inquiring about ASD services for their child.  She has 32 years of working with families and the Regional Centers.  She is involved in advocating as a supportive parent to other families.  Her previous career holds over 12 years in the banking industry.  Debbie also has an aduut son with special challenges.

Debbie's previous experience includes:  Notary services, civic, and community outreach. 

Debbie Cornejo

Office Manager

 Director of Administration

Tpauly (1).jpg

Tamra is as highly regarded Independent Facilitator and helps Regional Center clients achieve their dreams through Self-Determination.  She is an expert in Person-Centered Planning and has a deep understanding of how to guide families through the transition to the Self-Determination Program.  Tamra is currently training other Independent Facilitators and is a rising start in this new program.  All Regional Center Families will be able to transition to the Self-Determination Program in June 2021.  She is a pioneer in the field and we are fortunate to have her on the Education Spectrum team.

Tamra Pauly

Lead Independent Facilitator

Coaching Director SGPRC Project

Cathy, who was instrumental in co-founding Education Spectrum, has an adult son with autism. Cathy, Commissioner, Los Angeles County Commission on Disabilities, holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and recognized the need for this innovative program based on personal experience with her child. Cathy, and her husband Jim, are passionate about helping other parents navigate their way through the joys and challenges of having children with autism. Jim is a Pitching Coach for the Philadelphia Phillies, and they work tirelessly to raise awareness and acceptance for those with developmental differences. 

Cathy Gott